Today, we rest. We have four daughters. We call them the “bigs” and the “littles” because there are 11 years between the two sets. Our bigs are in their 20’s and our littles are under 10. We adopted our littles six years ago, and they continue to challenge us with behaviors connected to attachment disorders.

It was a particularly difficult week, so we sent them to daycare Thursday and Friday, hooked up our camper, and took off during the day.


It’s amazing how a trip to the beach with this view can rejuvenate the soul!

We call it “turtling” when we hook up our travel trailer for a day trip because we carry our house on our back. We drive with no particular intention or direction. If something interests us, we stop. When we want to move on, we move on. On this day, we stopped for a fantastic brunch at a cute little coffee shop and then drove to the beach. We stayed all afternoon – who wouldn’t?

We try to find clever and cheap ways to take care of ourselves and give ourselves the respite we need to be the best parents we can be. It is a work in progress, but days like this are a treasure!