I would park the car in a spot where a steady stream of trick-or-treaters passed by so that he could watch them. After taking my little ones up and down the downtown loop, we would get back into the car and I would drive to a nearby neighborhood (sometimes double parking other people in for a short period of time) so he could watch more witches and minions and vampires parade by. In this spot, I would stay in the car with my father-in-law while my husband took our little ones out.
“Look at that one,” he would say as he pointed to an extravagant costume. We giggled together at some of the more creative costumes. Some years, we would watch together through the blurry windshield as the wipers kept time with the pulse of his oxygen tank.
Tonight I drove past both of those parking spots. I purposefully parked in a different place in order to preserve the memory of what he enjoyed doing with us. This is our first Halloween without him by our side. This little cat and little cowgirl are missing him tonight, too